Flexible thermal partitions

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Tasks solved

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Variations from analogues

Variations from analogues

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01_Гибкие термо-перегородки

Tasks solved

Ensure multi-temperature conditions

Divide vans into t° modules of any shape

Reduce fuel consumption

Increase operating life of refrigerating plant

Reduce t° space as the goods are unloaded

Allow for transportation of dry goods along with specific t° cargo

Prevent transfer of odors from one product to another

Prevent heat penetration

Irreplaceable in the «cold chain» system

Reduce impact of any external factors on specific t° cargo

Keep t° conditions even if the doors are frequently opened

Reduce operating costs

Reduce the specific temperature cargo deterioration risks

Reduce the cargo loss risk in case of any refrigerating plant failure

Упрощают сдачу груза в местах выгрузки

Facilitate cargo unloading and transfer on-site

Flexible thermal partitions

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Cost 2 times lower as compared to standard partitions

Cost 3 times lower as compared to imported analogues

No van modification required

No side door required in operation

No van height loss

No failures, no jamming

Easily installed and removed by a single serviceman

Easily washed and decontaminated with special solutions

Weight up to 24 kg

Operating temperature range: from -50° through +50°С

Thermal conductivity factor λ0, W/(m*ºС): 0.036;

Compatible on vehicles with similar vans

Antibacterial coating, protected from fungi and mildew

No moisture absorption

Service life: over 5 years

Service experience: over 7 years

Partition warranty: 12 months

Payback period: 6 months

Various folding and installation options


Flexible thermal partitions

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Variations of our products from analogues

Easy installation system:

• Provides for easy installation and removal of partitions;
• Ensures wear protection of covers;
• Ensures tight seal between the van walls even in case of protruding elements.

Soft loop:

• Provides for interconnections of mats, sticks on two sides;
• Prevents ruptures while in operation;
• Ensures easier folding.

Bonded cover:

• Sealed cover, manufactured using the technology of hot sealing, prevents penetration of moisture, mildew, bacteria, odors inside partitions.
• Covers are made of materials of various density, outer contour is made of PVC fabrics of enhanced density (at least 900 gsm) extending service life of partitions

Flat fastening:

• No injuries to a driver during installation and removal of partitions;
• Prevents partition fabrics break by protruding fasteners while in operation;
• Pleasant appearance;

Abrasion protection:

• Sewn ABS protects partition bottom from abrasion during intensive operation;
• Protects partitions from damage by pallets during the loading process, height: at least 180 mm, thickness: 3 mm;
• Installed along the whole length of partition, except the Soft Contour;

Thermal insulation:

• PE foam – flexible, curling and folding without failure, dynamic elasticity modulus: 0.036 МPa;
• Sufficient density of thermal insulation: 30 kg/m3;
• High isothermality – thermal conductivity factor λ0, W/(m*ºС): 0.031.

Carrying handles:

• Easy installation and removal of partitions;
• Easy carrying and moving;
• Included in standard package;

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